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One of the greatest truths of our Faith is, “The Lord Provides.”
In every way, for every need, God provides.

This year, the Lord has certainly provided for Zion.

All year, God’s people gathered in worship and in acts of thanksgiving to God, placed their First–Fruit Offerings upon the altar. This act of worship was done in response to the Lord’s incredible provision and as a reminder to ourselves that:

When 2016 came to a close and Ginny and I compared the Lord’s provisions with our ministry plan for the coming year,
we concluded something exciting. This year, the Lord has provided Zion the resources to pursue a second pastor.
You are going to hear a lot more about this in the weeks and months to come.

Zion’s Leadership Council accepted my proposal to consider a specific individual for our second pastor and they have set in motion the formation of a call committee to consider this candidate in light of Zion’s needs. This is an exciting possibility for our congregation.

We know for certain that the Lord is going to provide because He always provides.

The question before us now is who and when?

Please pray for wisdom and guidance in the months to come. I encourage you to engage the process, by attending meetings, asking your questions and sharing your feedback.

If you are not part of our church family at Zion, will you please pray for us as well? Thank you!

At the end of the day, regardless of where we are led, we can rest assured that THE LORD PROVIDES.

In His Grip,
Pastor Guy Roberts